Luetti 1980 Increases E-commerce Sales

Groundwork to improve sales: Who You Gonna Call? ๐ŸŒ

The 80s were bold and aesthetically rich, but a timeless concept emerged from this and the following decade. Luetti 1980 brought nostalgia and this idea to the fashion brand and its e-commerce. In order to increase the revenue of the online shop, Banana Bean has provided a comprehensive range of services, including organic, creative studio, and paid media services on Meta and Google. It feels like it came in a trunk of a DeLorean.

Challenges Faced:

The primary challenge faced by Banana Bean was to optimise the budget to increase sales for Luetti 1980. The agency had to ensure that the current campaigns were appropriately running to generate maximum ROI. Consequently, the agency had to improve Luetti 1980’s reach on social media platforms and increase sales by creating new campaigns and testing different creatives.

Actions Taken:

To address the challenges faced by Luetti in 1980, the Banana Bean revisited the implemented campaigns and executed effective groundwork. As a result, the agency implemented the following actions:


  1. Audit and Analysis: The agency audited the client’s current digital marketing campaigns to identify areas of improvement. The audit involved analysing the client’s website, social media platforms, and advertising campaigns. Based on the audit findings, the agency identified key areas that required improvement.

  2. Content Optimisation: The agency optimised the client’s content to ensure it was engaging, relevant, and optimised for search engines. This involved updating the client’s social media posts to include relevant keywords and improving engagement rates.

  3. Creative Studio Redesign: The agency redesigned the client’s visual concept to ensure the visuals were engaging and resonated with the target audience. This involved updating the client’s visual content, including images and videos, to promote Luetti 1980’s products on social media platforms.

  4. Paid Media Campaign Refinement: The agency refined the client’s paid media campaign to ensure it effectively reached the right target audience. This involved optimising the ad targeting, ad copy, and landing pages to improve the click-through and conversion rates.

Results Achieved:

The Banana Bean’s digital marketing efforts resulted in the following achievements:

  1. Sales Increase: Luetti 1980 experienced a 175.21% increase in sales, indicating that the digital marketing campaign successfully generated revenue for the client.

  2. Conversion Increase: The agency’s efforts resulted in a 2.59% increase in Luetti 1980’s conversion rate, representing a +136% increase from the previous period. This indicates that the agency’s optimisation strategies effectively improved the rate at which visitors to the website converted into customers.
  3. Instagram Reach Increase: The agency’s creative studio efforts resulted in a 408.5% increase in Luetti 1980’s Instagram reach. This indicates that the agency’s visual content strategy effectively reached a larger audience on the platform.
Increase in Sales
0 %
Conversion Rate Increase
0 %
Instagram Reach Increase
0 %


The Banana Bean’s revisit to the implemented campaigns and effective groundwork resulted in a successful digital marketing campaign for Luetti in 1980. The agency’s focus on organic, creative studio and paid media services ensured that Luetti 1980’s budget was optimised to generate maximum ROI. The campaign’s success is evident from the significant increase in Facebook and Instagram reach and a 175.21%% increase in sales. In addition, the agency’s audit and analysis, content optimisation, creative studio redesign, and paid media campaign refinement effectively addressed the client’s challenges and achieved the client’s goals.

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it.”
โ€“ Marty McFly.




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